“I’m Grateful to Lee Kuan Yew, Sad at How Much Singapore has Lapsed Since His Time”

I am grateful to LKY for giving us cheap and affordable flats during my ah mah’s time..everybody earned a low wage but we were able to afford basic necessities..asking for food vouchers and assistance from gahmen was unheard of during the 70’s thru the 90’s..

When babuji lost his job he found one quickly with the same salary cos no foreigners were taking away his rice bowl…both my babuji and ah mah were able to save enough to retire at home n even when they had suffered womb cancer and stroke, they were still able to seek medical help as healthcare was affordable with my medisave deducted from the kind hospital who allowed me to pay by installments every month til i cleared the hospital bills after 1 year..we only had great ho liao meals during.

Deepavali but we were happy cos we did not have to sacrifice family time in the name of work work work..my foster mum n babuji had only good things to say abt the peaceful stability in SG..but somewhere after 2000 something went wrong..you start to see foreigners by the buckets..flats shot from 30 K for a 3 room to more than 300 K..

You hear screaming and fights of how broken families fighting over foreign mistresses,you see how you are earning much more than than your parents but still unable to make ends meet becos of rising inflation..and you had to work even longer hours or even 2 jobs just to put food on the table n pay the mountain of bills..

By the time you come back late at nite you are too tired to even have a proper converstion with them..you see many old folks 70 -80 years old still earning a living on the streets selling tissues with crutches..in foodcourts ..in public toilets..what happened to our country, Mr LKY? Can i have the SG that i have loved long time ago back again?




This story was written by Cili Padi Lim.
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