“In Singapore Tissue Sellers Can Be as Well-Off as Degree Holders!”

PY: I was reading this article about local tissue sellers who are upset at competition from foreigners, published in the Straits Times.

The paper went on to interview an undisclosed number of tissue sellers, and it reported that

“Singaporeans interviewed said they can earn $20 to $100 in a few hours. People with disabilities can earn more. “

It also gave the example of how one 65-year-old Thai woman can earn S$65 in “just a few hours” hawking tissue on the streets.

Like, wow!

If you assume that the average university graduate in Singapore earns about S$3000 a month finding an executive level job upon leaving school, that means tissue sellers are even better off than our degree-holders!

Taking a 5-day work week, and 9 hours of work a day, that means the grad works about 180 hours a month.

So if you divvy up S$3000 by 180 hours, our grads only get about S$16 an hour, not including CPF.

In the meantime, the average tissue seller can earn about S$60 in a few hours (remember he Straits Times wrote that they earn about S$20 to S$100 in a few hours).

If you take “few” to mean 3 hours, then that’s S$20 an hour, or if you take it as 4 hours, then it’s still quite a respectable S$12 an hour!

Not bad right? Don’t even need to waste money on getting a bogus degree, and there’s more flexibility and work-life balance.

Tissue sellers can be as well-off as degree holders, or even better!

Singapore is indeed a land of opportunity for all.

Even foreigners fight to come here to sell tissue on the streets.

The government should devote more of its budget to more important things like defence rather than spending on social safety nets.

Because even if you retire, you can always get a well-paying job selling tissue!



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