Japanese Retirees Have it Good, Why Not Singaporean Retirees?


There’s been much anger towards the Singapore government from readers after this letter we published from an elder lady who feels forced to sell her HDB flat in order to survive after retirement. Here’s one response that compares retiree lifestyles between Singapore and Japan, from reader, Ishi Ocha Ocha:

“You don’t need to sell your hdb flat and get back your cpf and replace it with Pension Fund. There are lots of private fund managers out there who will be happy to manage Singaporeans pension fund.

If the town council here can offer me USD350 pa to cover under Japan Healthcare Welfare you mean Pinky expertise in Financial Hub cannot do it? Then what the f*ck is this clown doing in Japan for Sg old folks?

In the past they can easily ask Ramesh (ed: a former Channel NewsAsia reporter) doggy to write rubbish. But now they cannot cos many Singaporeans are living overseas. So they cannot con anymore.”



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