O Level Student: Kind Taxi Uncle Gave Me Discount during NEL Breakdown for “Lunch Money”

GYRAFLAME: This morning, the NE line in Singapore was disrupted and it so happened that I was taking my O level A-math paper 2. After waiting almost an hour or so for a taxi, I finally got one.

But the thing is, this taxi was some really premium limo thing and I only had around 50 dollars. He took me to my school as fast as he could and I managed to reach the examination hall about one minute before the paper.

When the taxi finally reached the destination, I owed him about $58. I told him I only had $50 and he said it was fine and told me he was okay with just accepting just $40. He actually asked me to keep $10 for my lunch! He wished me the best of luck and asked me to relax.

We don’t meet these kind of people often and I guess I just felt like putting this out there.

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