Please Bring Back Old TV Versions of the National Anthem for Singapore’s 50th Birthday

And please bring back 'Gotcha' too

And please bring back ‘Gotcha’ too

CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY LIM: Singapore’s 50th anniversary is around the corner and it seems to be a good time for nostalgia.

It did not seem so long ago when we were sitting in front of our black-and-white television sets watching our favourite programmes right after the screening of the National Anthem, which marked the start of transmission daily.

Every year, I would look forward to a new version of the anthem – with new musical arrangements and video clips.

These various iterations of the anthem should be brought back.

They remind us of our humble beginnings and how television has evolved into a 24-hour daily cycle.

Listening to the opening bars of Majulah Singapura strikes a chord with many Singaporeans, reflecting their pride in the country and what they have – their homes, families and community

This letter was written by Christopher Anthony Lim.
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