Pregnant Mom Lashes Out at Crowded Trains, Selfish Singaporeans

I am really frustrated with the sorry state of our train system.

I am 5 months pregnant and I am sick of having to take the crowded train but at the same time I have no choice as I cant afford a car or to take a taxi everyday.

I work in Suntec City and have to travel far everyday for work. However on the train, many pepole don’t even give up the reserved seat even if there are elderly people or pregnant people in need.

I am sad to see that Singaporeans are so selfish. Worse still, because the train is so crowded I end up getting pushed here and there as I stand.

Sometimes I cant even get into the middle of the train near the seats as we are just squeezed in near the door areas as more and more people squeeze in at each station.

Singapore is already so crowded and we are struggling to fit onto our trains. Everyone becomes just another person and there is no feeling of looking out for each other anymore.

I really feel sad seeing how things are these days and worry what it will be like when my child is growing up.




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