Sg Senior: “Is MacDonald’s the Only Place I Can Work to Earn Back Some Pride?”

Every time the topic comes up about older workers, employers like to say that we are “too expensive” to hire, besides the usual “too old already, no future” or “old workers how to tahan the work?”

Then every time, we also hear employers complain about brain drain, saying they cannot find good Singaporeans who want to join their companies.

At 56 years old, I am an “old” worker.

I was retrenched last year because of “restructuring” and have been looking for a job for one year already, but there’s no takers.

I have applied for jobs with 6 companies, but no luck.

It’s such a pity.

Old workers like me are the people who built up your country, and now we’re treated like some kind of old sardines that are expired and best to throw away.

I can speak English, I can use the computer and the internet, and I have been living in Singapore for 56 years already so I know Singapore people and lifestyles.

I am also eager to work because retirement, honestly, is very boring after a while.

All I want is a chance to continue my life normally, and to get out of a mundane “eat, sleep and watch TV every day” lifestyle.

Why is that so difficult?

Is McDonald’s or the food court next door the only place for people like me to work and earn back some pride?


Thank you Sim Chee Seng for this letter.
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