Singapore so Lacking in Talent GIC Needs to Hire a 77-Year-old Ah Pek as Director and Special Advisor?


ONG SOON ENG: For those who still don’t know, former president Tony Tan has been appointed as a director and special advisor to the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and he will assume those posts from 1 Jan next year.

In a press release yesterday, the GIC’s CEO said in a statment: “As special advisor, Dr Tan will provide much value in broadening and strengthening GIC’s network of senior statesmen and leaders of corporations and institutions who may be constructive in advancing the business and interests of GIC. We will also benefit from his extensive knowledge and perspectives on global matters.”

So the company managing the investments of the Singapore government and Singapore can find no better talent then to pluck a 77-year-old unemployed ah pek and give him not one, but two porfolios?

If that’s the case, then Singapore really gone case liao.

So what if Tan was a PAP MP for 27 years and a former minister?

The government keeps saying that the future is about “disruptive technology” and Singapore must be versatile and agile and keep up with the times.

Then you parachute in a lao ah pek (not some 50 or 60 year old ah pek, but a 77-year-old ah pek hor) as “special advisor” and expect him to do what?

I feel it is a total waste of money and if taxes must be increased so that money flows into such pockets, then the spending is very unjustified.

You mean there’s no better person with the expertise to advise on the GIC’s investments?

Singapore is so lacking in good people? What happened to all those “scholars” and Desmond Kuek “paper generals”?

No wonder Singapore is always playing catch-up with everyone else, until even those so-called “3rd World” countries can overtake us when it comes to embracing new tech.

Don’t be surprised if we become a 3rd-world nation come SG100.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chi Hian

    November 22, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Don’t worry, we’ll all be dead by SG100

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