The Mad Race for Jobs: “Since You Got Looks, Go Work as a Prostitute Lor”

ANJA: Speaking as a middle-aged woman who finally managed to get a job after going through so many interviews, you think life in SG is so good? Wait till your employer lays you off and no one wants to hire you(even if you’ve good qualifications).

The government will just send you on a mad race to get even more qualifications but they don’t tell you that foreigners are cheaper, the MOM never bothers to check about no. of Sinkies being hired(they promise 1 thing and do the other), the EXTREME ageism in Singapore, etc.

I remember a colleague who was laid off and the employer told her “since you got good looks, you should go and work as a prostitute lor”. She was jobless for quite a few years and now works in some retail job for $2.50 a hour and her shifts are like 12 to 14 hours long.

My mother was a former teacher and one of her colleagues has family members all over the government: from Grassroots leaders, to Ministers to people high-up in Temasek Holdings. My experience with all those high-flying Government people is they really look down on everyone. The really well-to-do boast of spending the people’s money and have the gall to show off the latest properties or fashion wear, even if you’re down on your luck. Btw, I did ask these people for help, nothing came of it.



This letter was written in response to: Gen Y Voter: My Perspective has Changed After 4 Years, Now I’m Angry about Different Things
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