[VIDEO] Uncle Steals Food Panda Deliveryman’s Handphone Bought with “First NS Pay”

: I abhor online shaming and what not. But the fact that I’m posting this shows how desperate I am to retrieve my phone. So here goes.

I was working for a food delivery company. 3 days ago on 15/11/2017 Weds at around 8pm, I was due to pick up food from a stall in AMK Ave 3 Block 232 (I am the one in the pink/grey shirt). I came, collected my deliverable and left. To my negligence, I left my phone on the counter of the stall. When I realised and went back to check, my phone was already gone.

I am thankful to the store owner and a few other strangers who lent me their phones for me to locate my phone. However, this sneaky guy had switched off the phone briefly after acquiring it (you can faintly see that he did so in the video). He has a neat haircut, and was wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants.


The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Black with 32GB internal storage. People who know me, know that I am a frugal person. I have been using this phone for the past 4 years. Bought it with my first NS pay. Went through ups and downs with it. Other than sentimental value, the phone also contains sensitive information (no I don’t mean porn). I do also admit that it is my fault for not applying a screen lock. My heart has been in an absolute wreck after losing the phone. I am unable to have 7 hours of uninterrupted rest at night.


So I appeal to you, if you do know this guy, or have any leads, please PM me. Also, please help and share for the chance to recover my phone increases as exposure increases.

I would like to thank Auntie Cat, supervisor of the coffee shop for rendering assistance and letting me view and record this CCTV footage.




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