1 Million Applications for Government Assistance because of Unaffordable Medical Bills

The number of applications for Medifund and Medifund Silver assistance in FY2015 stood at 1,096,628.

This is an average of 15 percent increase  in assistance numbers from FY2012, according to the Ministry of Health.

Medifund is an endowment fund  given out to help patients who cannot afford their medical bills incurred at public hospitals and institutions.

It is used to help patients who cannot afford their bills with government subsidies, MediShield Life, Medisave, private insurance, and cash payments.

MOH says that 99.9 percent of applications for Medifund were approved.

That brought the total sum disbursed for FY2015 to S$129.2 million.

The average Medifund assistance provided for each in-patient treatment was S$1529, and S$77 for outpatient treatment.

MOH says that the total sum disbursed for FY2015 was a drop from the S$135.7 million disbursed in FY2014, due to “improved affordability of healthcare”.

This, despite a 9 percent in number of Medifund applicants between FY 2014 and FY2015.



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