10Kg Iron Plate Thrown from Height Smashes Brand New Hyundai Sedan Parked Near Kopitiam


A birthday celebration turned sour after an iron plate believed to be thrown by a disgruntled HDB flat resident smashed the brand new car of one of the party-goers.

The incident took place on Tuesday (26 Feb) at Block 443 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, at about 10.10pm.

Said 55-year-old Mr Tan, who was one of 10 people attending the birthday celebration and a friend of the car-owner:

“I was getting ready to go home when I heard a loud sound. Something hit on top of the canopy of the kopitiam, then rolled down and smashed the windscreen of my friend’s car.”

The car was parked just next to the kopitiam, at the open-air carpark.

Mr Tan said he got a big shock as at the time he was barely metres away from the car.

That “something” he was referring to – a 10kg iron plate used for weight-lifting.

Mr Tan said that his friend had bought the car, a white Hyundai hatchback, just 8 days ago for over S$70,000.

Repairs are estimated to cost up to S$4000.

A long-time Block 443 resident, Mr Hu, said:

“This kopitiam, police will come here several times a week because of the noise complaints. Maybe it’s someone who got angry because of the noise and threw it down.”

Police investigations are ongoing.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ĺee kuo Wei S1473769C

    March 7, 2019 at 7:57 am

    I would like to bring to all singaporean attention. Last year i was bitten by a pet dog. I when to A&E at Sengkang General Hospital. Later refer to TTSH for surgery. I stayed at the Hospital for 3days and when Doc check on me the third day and was told that my wound was ok and they will sitch my wound the next day. I requested the Doc to sitch the wound on that day but they don’t want to. So i decide to discharge myself and seek outside clinic for treatment. I went back to Sengkang General Hospital A&E. Waited for 4 hrs. Later i heard the 2 doc talking about animals bite do not need to operate and the wounds will heal back itself.
    My question why the Hospital wasting our money, if the proceedure is so simple. I spended about few thousands dollars and wasted my time.

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