15 Minutes of Terror for Scoot TR202 Passengers as Plane Makes Sudden Climb Instead of Landing

The 335 passengers and crew on board the midnight Scoot flight TR202 to Taiwan yesterday must be thanking their lucky stars that they are safe and sound.

This, following the 15 minutes of terror that took place when the plane was about to land at Taipei’s Taoyuan airport.

As the plane was about to land, it suddenly went into a steep climb which left many passengers worried for their safety.

One passenger, Mr Wong, said that he could already see the runway, but instead of landing, the plane ascended and flew away from the airport.

Mr Wong said that the plane then spent 15 minutes in the air and passengers were terrified during that time as they didn’t know what was going on and feared the worst.

Then, the comforting announcement by flight staff – the plane couldn’t land as there was an obstruction on the runway.

Mr Wong said that flight staff also went around to reassure passengers that there was no problem with the flight.

Flight TR202 was a popular flight because the overnight flight allowed travellers to arrive in Taipei in the morning.

The plane subsequently landed safely at Taoyuan airport and all passengers were unharmed.



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