15-Year-Old Japanese Girl Denies Singapore a Table Tennis Olympic Bronze

It looked like Singapore was set for a bronze in the women’s table tennis, but that hope was dashed by an on-form 15-year-old from Japan.

Seeded 4th at the Games, Singapore was expected to beat Japan to get at least a medal, but the paddlers will return empty-handed after losing 3-1.

Yu Mengyu got us a point, after beating Japan’s Ai Fukuhara.

Team captain Feng Tianwei, rated at world 4th seed, struggled was beaten in her singles tie against Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa.

Yu teamed up with Zhou Yihan in the doubles match, but they were also Fukuhara and Mima Ito.

Yes, 15-year-old Mima Ito.

Feng was given the responsibility of salvaging the tie but crashed out against Ito, losing all her sets.

Said Feng on the defeat:

“I didn’t adjust to the match very well. I allowed myself to be stifled by the opponent, so I felt very gloomy on court.”

While recognising her poor performance, Feng acknowledged that her team mates Yu Mengyu and Zhou Yihan played very well.



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