200 Mosquitoes Killed in 5 Days, Kids Wear Mosquito Patches Every Day for 4 years

Can you manage to kill 200 mosquitoes in 5 days? Do you even come across 200 mosquitoes in 5 days?

Apparently, an engineer staying in Kang Choo Bin Walk in the Serangoon vicinity has been battling the mozzies, which he suspects come from a nearby construction site.

He has complained about the tremendous amount of mosquitoes which have invaded his home, and says that between Monday to Friday last week, he killed about 200 of them.

The 41-year-old even kept them on a sheets of toilet paper as “evidence”.

The engineer, Mr Tan, says that he first noticed the influx over the Chinese New Year period in February and informed the NEA about the problem.

The NEA subsequently conduted checks, but the situation hasn’t improved.

The last check was made on Tuesday (22 Feb), when NEA officers left with a day’s worth of his “evidence”.

Tan says his children still get bitten even though they wear trousers and apply insect repellant.

He’s worried that his family might contract dengue fever if the mosquito problem isn’t resolved.

Residents in the area have complained about having to apply mosquito patches on their children every day for the past 4 years due to mosquitoes.

They say that the number of mosquitoes appears to be increasing.

Just last week, a 73-year-old lady who was staying in Serangoon died from dengue fever.

Apparently, her home is about a 5 minute drive away from Mr Tan.

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