21 Bucks for 37 Minutes Parking? Wah Lau Eh!

Be warned if you’re driving into factories in the Aljunied area.

This driver parked his lorry at a factory in Aljunied, and found out to his horror later that he had to foot a S$21 bill after parking there for barely more than half an hour!

He produced a receipt, which shows that he parked that at 7.49am and left at 8.24 am – a total of 36 minutes.

The driver says that he doesn’t have a season ticket to the factory, but S$21 for half an hour is still pretty unreasonable.

The factory’s parking facilities is manned by Wilson Parking.

It turns out, the hefty parking charges were incurred because the lorry entered the factory before 8am.

That’s a flat fee of S$10.70.

This was stated clearly on a sign by the car park entrance.

So yes, be warned, drivers.

Always find out the parking charges first!

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