30 Sticks in 2 Years: Aunty Steals Ice Cream and even Stares at Store Owner Defiantly


For 2 years, the owner of a provision store at Redhill has tolerated this aunty stealing ice cream.

The store owner estimates that altogether she’s stolen about 30 sticks of ice-cream, ranging from S$1 to S$2.60 in price.

What’s worse, the aunty would even stare at her defiantly while committing the crime.

Finally 37-year-old Mdm Xie, who runs the store at Block 63B says she had had enough.

She installed a CCTV outside the store, and caught the aunty on camera 2 days ago.

She said that she’s noticed the aunty doing this and for some time had taken to loudly telling whoever was in the store at the time “That’s her. She’s been stealing my ice cream.”

Mdm Xie says that she knows the aunty heard her, but she would just look up at her and carry on anyway.

She says that the aunty looks perfectly healthy, and she would always open the ice cream chiller, take a stick of ice cream, and leave without entering the store.

She is deciding whether to make a police report.

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