4th Crooked Scientist in NTU/NUS/A*STAR Research Scandal gets PhD Revoked

NTU has revoked the PhD of a former A*Star scientist Sabeera Bonala after she admitted that she had falsified data in her research and doctoral thesis.

Bonala, who received her PhD from NTU in 2013, had been investigated for academic malpractice in one of the biggest research frauds in Singapore.

The scandal involved 3 other authors who co-authored 3 research papers with her – Sudarsanareddy Lokireddy, Ravi Kambadur and Mridula Sharma.

Bonalan had her employment at A*Star’s Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences terminated in August last year after NTU’s investigation.

Her PhD was revoked by NTU in March this year.

Lokireddy, a former NTU researcher has also had his PhD revoked by NTU.

Kambadur, an NTU professor, was sacked from both his post at the university and his role as senior principal investigator at SICS.

Sharma, who was associate professor at the NUS’ Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, also left her job.

In consultation with A*Star and NUS, NTU took the lead in a wide-ranging investigation conducted by a committee of inquiry.

In total, 23 authors were involved in 6 retracted research papers, but these were the 4 who were punished.



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