8 Taxi Drivers Cooperate to Hunt Down Violent Ang Moh who Punched 2 Cabbies

They might have all been strangers from different taxi companies, but these taxi drivers united in a common purpose to teach the ang moh a lesson that you don’t mess with cabbies!

When taxi uncle Mr Wong picked up an ang moh early today at around 5am at 313 Somerset shopping mall along Orchard Road, he didn’t expect that he was going to be in for a beating.

Wong asked the ang moh where he was headed, but the ang moh told him “You just drive, I want to sleep”.

Wong then drove off, but continued to ask the ang moh where he wanted to go.

The ang moh remained silent.

Wong then stopped his taxi in front of the Singapore Art Museum and asked the ang moh to get off.

“I can’t just anyhow drive him somewhere so I asked him to get off the taxi. He got off but didn’t pay me my taxi fare.”

Wong then got out of his taxi and demanded that the ang moh pay him the taxi fare owed.

Then, the ang moh unexpectedly turned around and punched him.

The ang moh then walked into Hotel Royal@Queens and got into the lift.

Wong stopped him there and confronted him again.

That’s when the hotel manager came over to see what was going on, and asked the ang moh to leave as he wasn’t a guest of the hotel.

The ang moh walked outside and continued to amble along the pavement.

Still on his trail, Wong spotted 2 SMRT taxis parked along the road.

He explained to the taxi drivers what had happened and asked for their help.

One of the SMRT cabbies got out of his taxi and joined Wong in following the ang moh while the other drove his taxi closely behind them.

After walking a distance, the ang moh suddenly turned around and punched both Wong and the other cabby abang who was with him.

He then continued walking away with the cabbies hot on his trail.
Said Wong:

“The ang moh was big and tall. I and the other Malay SMRT taxi driver couldn’t stop him so we just followed him.”

Along the way, Wong sought help from more taxi drivers that he spotted.

In the end, the gang of eight cabbies, 2 on foot and 6 in their taxis, surrounded the ang moh along Crawford Street.

They detained him and called the police.

Police say a 33-year-old ang moh has been arrested in relation to the incident and investigations are in progress.



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