8 Years for Kong Hee, 5 Years for Serina: City Harvest Gang of Frauds Jailed

It’s a jail term of between 8 years and 21 months for the 6 City Harvest leaders who were guilty of cheating the church of S$56 million.

Senior Pastor and City Harvest Church found, Kong Hee: 8 years jail

Former finance manager, Serina Wee: 5 years jail

City Harvest board member, Chew Eng Han: 6 years jail

Senior Pastor, Tan Ye Peng: 5 years and 6 months jail

Former Board Secretary, John Lam: 3 years jail

Former finance manager, Sharon Tan: 21 months jail

Kong Hee and his Gang of Frauds have extended their bail.

Their jail sentence will begin on 11 Jan next year.

The six were found guilty on 21 Oct this year on all counts of criminal breach of trust, and falsification of accounts.

Commenting on the gang, the prosecution said:

“They did not merely wait passively for Kong Hee to instruct them to carry out each specific act and deception needed to drive the conspiracy forward. They took their own initiative to deceive and mislead the trusting members of CHC where necessary, and cannot escape responsibility for those acts.”

Working together, the Gang of Frauds stole S$24 million from the church through sham bond investments.

The money was used to to finance Sun Ho’s rap career in the United States, in what was dubbed the Crossover Project.

They then used another S$26.6 million to hide that grand theft.

Two companies, Xtron and Firna, both owned by City Harvest Church supporters, were used to pull off their dirty tricks.

Unfortunately, Sun Ho proved that the Sun really does set in the West with her spectacular failure to break into the US market.

Even Judge See, in pronouncing his “guilty” verdict, commented that any thought that Sun could have made it must have been wishful thinking.

Just days ago, the prosecution had asked for a jail term of between 5 and 12 years for the Gang of Frauds.

Sun Ho, the lady at the heart of the scandal was never charged.

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