800 Tree Failures Reported in 2016 and this Figure is an Improvement

2016 saw 800 tree failures, according to Senior Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee.

He was speaking in parliament, in response to a question fielded by NMP Dennis Tan on the management of trees in Singapore.

The issue of tree failures comes in the wake of several major accidents involving tree falls, including the most serious one involving the collapse of one of Singapore’s heritage Tembusu trees at the Botanic Gardens which killed a woman.

However, despite the incidences of tree failures, Mr Lee said that the situation has improved.

He said that there were 3000 tree failures in 2001 compared to the 800 figure in 2016.

Mr Lee put this down to a comprehensive tree management programme implemented by NParks.

There are 7 million trees in Singapore, of which 2 million can be found growing along the roads.



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