800,000 Households Receive GST Vouchers to Ease Utility Bills Strain

More than 800,000 households living in HDB flats will receive a utility rebates of up to S$65 to help with their utility bills.

This will come in the form of a GST Voucher, the U-Save rebate.

It’s a component of the permanent GST voucher scheme aimed at helping lower and middle-income Singaporeans cope with the cost of living.

The rebate will be given this month, and the amount given to each household will depend on their flat type.

redwire singapore gst voucher

The Ministry of Finance estimates that those living in 1-room to 2-room flats can offset about 3-4 months of utility bills on average with their voucher.

Those living in 3-room and 4-room flats are expected to offset about 2 months of utility bills.




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