After Banging Housewife’s Car, BMW Driver Uses Her Car Plate to Chalk Up Traffic Saman as “Revenge”


Revenge is a dish best served cold – or in this case, with a “saman” from Traffic Police that carries a fine and demerit points.

36-year-old housewife Mdm Tan got a shock when she received a traffic summon for speeding.

Traffic Cameras had picked up a vehicle bearing her car plate travelling at 116km/h on a 70km/h speed limit road on 8 March last year at about 1am.

But Mdm Tan was at home at the time, and the car that was caught on camera was a white BMW – Mdm Tan drives a Mercedes Benz.

So what the hell went on that night?

It turns out, the driver of the white BMW, 27-year-old Hong Yixiang, had gotten into an accident with Mdm Tan’s car 1 month before the speeding incident.

Police investigations uncovered that he had crashed his car into the back of Mdm Tan’s car at a traffic junction along Yishun Avenue 6 as he couldn’t brake in time.

Hong had offered to settle the matter privately, but Mdm Tan refused and decided to make an insurance claim.

Hong is suspected to have picked up Mdm Tan’s car plate and chalk up a traffic summon to “settle the score”.

He was today charged in court for speeding and for dishonestly using Mdm Tan’s car plate.


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