Ah Ma Chases Desperate Robber from 8th Floor to Void Deck to Get Back Necklace from Late Daughter

When family ties run strong, giving an extra mile or two is nothing.

This 78-year-old ah ma, Mdm Zhuo, chased a robber down 8 flights of stairs to get back a necklace which was given to her by her late daughter.

The crook has today been sentenced to 2 years jail and 6 strokes of the rotan after pleading guilty to 2 counts of robbery.

The robbery took place on 11 June 2016.

Mdm Zhuo lives at a HDB flat unit at Block 678 Hougang Avenue 8.

At about 1pm, she was returning home after buying groceries.

When she entered the lift, Desperate Robber followed her inside.

As she was stepping out of the lift on the 8th floor, Desperate Robber grabbed her by the shoulder.

“When the lift reached the 8th floor, he grabbed me when I was stepping out of the lift. He caught hold of my shoulder from behind, then used his right hand to grab my necklace. I struggled but he was very strong. The necklace dropped on the floor. He picked it up and ran away.”

Mdm Zhuo said she fell and landed on the floor and her groceries buys such as eggs were broken.

She said that despite the pain in her shoulder, she chased the Desperate Robber with whatever strength she could muster.

“My daughter contracted a terminal disease and died when she was 20 years old. She gave me this necklace. It’s worth S$2000, but the money is not important. The necklace serves as my memory of her. So even though I was pushed to the ground, I fought with my life to get it back.”

Mdm Zhuo chased Desperate Robber from the 8th floor to the void deck, until she could run no further.

He subsequently ran across the road, got into a taxi and escaped.

On the same day, Desperate Robber robbed another elderly woman at Block 95 Old Airport Road at about 10.45pm, using the same mode of operation.

He snatched the ah ma’s gold necklace which is worth about S$780.

Police arrested him at about 11pm when he was trying to flee the scene by cab.

But Desperate Robber is called “Desperate Robber” for a reason – he was also facing a dire financial situation.

At 25-year-old, he was about to get married but saddled by mounting bills.

His parents suffered from major illnesses and he was paying for their treatment.

And he was also giving money to support his 3-year-old niece.

Desperate Robber had also lost his job in March 2016 – three months before he committed his spree of robberies.

He had been working as a deliveryman, but was sacked after suffering an injury to his right leg.

Pushed to a corner, he attempted the robberies in a moment of haste and lack of clear thought.



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