All 3 People’s Park Complex Lifts Break Down, Trapping 15 People Inside

All 3 lifts serving People’s Park Complex residents broke down on Tuesday (7 Mar), trapping some 15 people inside.

Those trapped described the scene as “dripping wet” – in the sense that it was so hot people were perspiring profusely.

One pregnant woman who was trapped reportedly screamed in fear and started crying.

An eyewitness, taxi driver Mr Tan, said the incident took place at about 9am and the victims’ agony lasted for over half an hour before they were released.

But there was little relief for residents of the 31-storey.

By 1pm, only 1 of the lifts was repaired.

Repairs on the other 2 lifts were only completed after 9pm.

One resident complained that among the 3 lifts, one had just been fixed about 2 months ago and it shouldn’t have broken down so quickly.

The People’s Park Complex management says it has technicians on 24-hour standby and carries out regular lift inspections, but due to the age of the lifts they are more prone to malfunctions.



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