All Three Lifts at 30-Floor Woodlands Flat Breakdown, Maintenance Team Not Seen the Whole Day


A power outage yesterday morning caused 2 of the 3 lifts at this Woodlands flat to break down.

Later in the evening, a 3rd lift broke down and only then did the maintenance team spring into action.

Residents at Block 302A Woodlands St 32 were exasperated when they couldn’t use any of the lifts at 6pm.

The flat is over 3o storeys high.

Over 200 households were affected by the breakdown.

One old uncle who had a pacemaker was reportedly so fed he tried to climb up the stairs to his home on the 21st floor so his frozen fish wouldn’t thaw, but he only made it to the 8th floor before giving up.

MP Halimah Yacob arrived at about 9pm to pacify residents, who were getting angrier as the hours passed.

It was only at 10pm that the lifts were functioning again.

Angry residents have questioned why the maintenance team needed a whole day just to fix the lifts.

They say that the teams should have fixed the two lifts that had broken down in the morning in the first place, and not wait until all 3 lifts had malfunctioned to start repair work.

Some have accused the town council of failing to ensure the lifts were regularly serviced.



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