Alleged Defamation and Threats: Pine Grove En Bloc Sales Brings Out the Ugly Side of Residents


The proposed en bloc sale of the 660-unit Pine Grove condominium appears to have brought out the ugly side of residents.

Some of them have been accused of defamation, and intimidation of other residents to get their way.

Police revealed that a Pine Grove resident has lodged a report over threatening messages.

The Collective Sale Committee (CSC) Chairman, Singaram Kogilambal, has reportedly received a writ of summons from the court for allegedly defaming the property’s Management Committee Chairman Cheryn Chan.

And, a WhatsApp chat group formed by residents to discuss the sale has since splintered into three factions due to disputes, while meetings for the en bloc sale have become more intense.

One elderly resident at Pine Grove said:

“The (en bloc) process has become quite ugly, with some groups ostracising those who raise questions, and others raising their voices. I wish to stay out of this but I cannot as this involves the sale of my home.”

An estimated 60 percent of owners have consented to the en bloc sale so far.

However, the Collective Sale Committee requires a minimum of 80 percent to seal the deal.



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