Amos Yee Wins Appeal and is on the way to Becoming a US Citizen


Teen blogger Amos Yee is on the way to becoming a United States citizen after winning his appeal for asylum.

This was revealed by Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam, who played a significant role in Yee’s bid for political asylum.

Said Mr Jeyaretnam:

“Despite the Department of Homeland Security taking a hard line under Trump the judges saw through the arguments that Amos was being prosecuted for hate speech. Another stinging rebuke for the PAP government.”

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Yee has been detained in a jail in Wisconsin state for the past 10 months, after the US government appealed to overturn a court ruling granting him asylum.

He had escaped to the US in December 2016 and was granted asylum by a Chicago court, which ruled that he had a “a well-founded fear of future persecution”

He was jailed twice after insulting the island’s late leader Lee Kuan Yew and religious groups on his YouTube channel — convictions that critics claim were carried out to silence him.



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