Amrin Amin Shoots Down Ex-Cop’s “Inaccurate” Accusations: You Lied about Job Interview and Refused Assistance

In a letter to Redwire, former policeman Jafri Basron spoke about how he had attended a Meet-the-People session with MP Amrin Amin, in which Mr Amrin offered him a job as a security guard.

He also said questioned why Mr Amrin had offered him a job beneath his level of education and experience.

However, Mr Amrin, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs, has shot down his accusations.

Addressing Jafri, Said Mr Amrin said:

“You have raised many inaccuracies. You said you had no money for the transport to attend an interview the next day. I gave you an EZ-link card for travel and also personally called the security company you were interviewing with to ask them to support you.

I found out from the person that there was no such interview scheduled. I also called you at the number you gave. It was a wrong number.

I asked whether I can refer you to ComCare office for assistance. You declined.

Interesting you had come to PAP Meet-the-People session given your involvement with Reform Party. Of course you are welcome, but it’s interesting who you turned to for help.

I wish you and your family well. Thanks and wassalam.”


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