Angry Dad Kicks Ball Repeatedly at Boy till He Bleeds as Punishment for Ball Hitting His Daughter

Furious that his 5-year-old daughter got hit by a ball, this Angry Dad decided to rain fire and brimstone on the “aggressor” – a 10-year-old boy who was playing football with his friend at the void deck.

The boys were having a kickabout when the ball strayed and by accident hit the girl who was playing on the slide at a nearby playground.

Her father caught the 10-year-old boy and forced him to stand at a pillar.

Then, he took the ball and kicked it at the boy.

Every time he did that, he made the boy pick up the ball and return it to him so he could kick it at the boy again.

Every time he did that, he taunted the boy with a mocking “Is it painful?”

That punishment went on for 4 times, before Angry Dad struck the shot which hit the boy in the face and caused his nose to bleed.

He then left the scene with his daughter.

The incident took place on 25 May at Block 438 in Bukit Panjang.

The boy’s friend ran upstairs to tell his injured pal’s mom about what had happened.

She rushed downstairs to find her son crying in a corner.

They then went to make a police report.

Mdm Lu says her son vomited after the incident and cried for several hours.

He also feared going downstairs for some time.

She took him to see a doctor 3 times and spent over S$200 on medical fees.

Mdm Lu said that police managed to track down Angry Dad and gave him a stern warning.

However, when she chanced upon Angry Dad one day and confronted him, Angry Dad showed no remorse.

Instead of saying sorry, he scolded her, saying that her son shouldn’t have been playing football at the void deck.

The incident has left Mdm Lu hurt and angry.

Mdm Lu says her son was wrong to play football at the void deck, but the child didn’t deserved this sort of treatment, especially from a mature adult.

She is demanding an apology from Angry Dad.



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