Angry Singaporean: 4 Hour Wait at Polyclinic because “Today Too Many Foreigners”

Frustration for local man at Woodlands Polyclinic after a trip to see the doctor took 4 hours.

Kevin Raja he had registered at the polyclinic at 9.18am, and was told he had to wait about 1 hour and 20 minutes for consultation.

That wait got extended, and he finally saw the doctor 4 hours later.

Says the reason he was given for the long delay was a quip that “Today too many foreigners”.

And that got him fuming.

“Is that my problem to suffer as a native Singaporean. How do I benefit from this massive influx of foreigners. In fact I suffer everywhere i go and live like a foreigner in my own motherland,” was his response.

redwire singapore polyclinic wait 4 hours too many foreigners
Others have also expressed their anger at long polyclinic waiting times.

Said Uma Muthukumaran:

“Tat day I did an appointment in polyclinic as both my kids were nt well n my appt time was 8.50am bt I was called at 10am even wen I went early at 8.30am…. Reason was: today alot of people la Miss… We also cnt do anything….. Then for wat the @#%* we take appt….. Frustrating ah.”

Puspha Arumugam questioned whether the long wait was worth it:

“I did on line appt at 2. 15pm but was call abt 3. 30pm… But consultation rm is empty… Went was called the dont bother to check u or touch u… Infact the take 5 mins to check on u but take more that half an hr to write report.”

But nurse Geetha Sakthivel says medical staff have got their hands tied:

“I admit it’s crazy waiting periods, as I’ve experienced it myself! But imagine d number of patients each doc has to see! Dey r overworked and so r d nurses! There’s a roll call everybody have to attend daily and so sometimes dey might step in a bit late! The ratio between doctors and patients can be alarming! D doc seeing u at 1300+hrs means they r working during their lunch time, cause 1300-1400 clinic is supposed to be closed! More and more doctors and nurses r leaving d gov sector due to all dis! D government is the only one who can do something about it! D medical team is suffering inside d room while d patients r suffering outside!”


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