Angry Uncle Chases Uber Employees with Chopper after They Disturbed His Sleep


Some uncles, you don’t want to mess with.

Uncles like this 52-year-old retiree, Mr Yang.

Angry that his sleep was disturbed, he took a chopper from the kitchen and chased down the young people responsible.

The incident took place last Friday (21 Jul) at about 9pm, at Block 759 Jurong West St 74.

Mr Yang said that he was having dinner with his wife at home when he felt giddy so he went to bed.

Awhile later, he heard loud knocking on the door and went to open it.

Three youth dressed in black shirts were standing there.

Mr Yang said he asked them why they came, but they were mumbling and beating around the bush.

He remembers one of them asking if he had a driving licence.

That got him even madder (you know, because limpeh headache wake up to listen to this crap???)

“I was resting because I was unwell and was very upset when they work me up. The person kept refusing to say why he was at my door, so I scolded him in English using some vulgarities and shut the door.”

It turns out the young gentlemen were Uber employees and were promoting the company’s services.

But Mr Yang didn’t know that at the time.

After he shut the door on them, he heard vulgarities from outside his house.

That made him snap.

He went to the kitchen of his 2nd floor flat, took a chopper, and dashed out after the Uber employees.

His wife saw him leave and shouted at them to run.

At the grass verge near the void deck, she saw him engaged in a shoving match with the Uber employees, each side scolding the other using undesirable language.

Then, she went forward and snatched the chopper from her husband, hence preventing the possibility of couple of hacked skulls.

Police arrived subsequently and arrested Mr Yang for criminal intimidation.

Following the clash, Mr Yang says that he’s now of clearer mind and regrets doing what he did that night.




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