Another Yishun Family Struck by Siao Lang Neighbours

That Yishun Great Wall: to build or not to build?

But then build already, Town Council say tak boleh and ask you to tear down.

Well, another family, this time in Block 208 Yishun St 21 are wishing they had some protection from these siao lang neighbours of their.

Living in a unit on the 7th floor, the family says their neighbours have been caught on at least 2 occasions pouring a foul-smelling liquid along the corridor leading to the flat.

Last Tues (30 Apr), the family caught one of their neighbours was caught on camera using a pail to pour the liquid near their potted plants, which are placed along the common corridor.

Another neighbour, this time a lady, was caught picking up something from the drain along the corridor and throwing it at the family’s flat.

These dirty tricks have apparently been going on for the past 10 years.

The family said a CCTV was installed for the purpose of gathering evidence, and have since made a police report.

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