Apologetic Toa Payoh Bullies Fined S$2700, Say They Were Going Through a Tough Time

The couple who assaulted and used vulgar language on an Ah Pek at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 hawker centre have been punished.

Back in court yesterday to face the music, tutor Tay Puay Leng was fined S$1,200 for using abusive words with the intent to cause alarm while her partner, tution centre director Chow Chuin Yee was fined S$1,500 for using criminal force on an elderly man.

The couple have apologised for the incident.

Said Tay:

“I just want to say I’m really sorry to uncle, but I really didn’t mean to. I just learn that day, because I’ve been going through a very tough time being a sole caretaker to my grandmother who is 89 years old, who has dementia and is bedridden. She has been in and out of the hospital during that period several times. All I hoped was just to have a quick dinner and go back to take care of her. I really did not mean to say that.

I was hoping that I could say sorry to uncle in person but because the investigation was going on, the police did not allow me to do that. For all I could ask was to pass my apology letter to the IO hoping that it would be passed to uncle. If I can, I would gladly apologise to him in person.”

The Toa Payoh bullies had gotten into a scuffle with the Ah Pek in April this year.

Tay had refused to share a table meant for 6 persons with the Ah Pek and user profane language on him while Chow barged him in the back, causing him to lose balance and almost fall down.

The incident was caught on camera and shared online, leading to public outrage against the couple.



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