Army Pride: SAF Good Service Medal Listed for Sale at a Mere S$25

Posted on Feb 29 2016 - 9:05pm by Redwire Singapore

“Train to be a leader and fight for our land…” But once you’ve served your time, screw all that.

Or so it seems.

A reader, Josh, sent us this picture of a Singapore Armed Forces Medal which he says was being sold online.

Said Josh:

“So much for pride in the army. Very disappointing to see that people don’t treasure what they’re given in the line of duty.”

The SAF Good Service Medal is given to soldiers who have served 5 years in the armed forces, whether as regular officers or national servicemen.

According to the Ministry of Defence, medals are awarded for good conduct or exemplary service.

It is unclear if the medal being sold is the real deal, or a replica.

But its sales description reads, “Best price, non-negotiable. By postage only. Pls add $3 for postage, it will be wrapped in protective bubble wrapping material.”


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