Arrogant Thief who Tried to Steal from Geylang Handphone Shop Kena Hantam Instead

A dimwit of a crook got his come-uppance on Sunday night when he tried to steal from a handphone shop and failed so badly.

The incident took place on Sunday (3 Jul) at about 7.30pm.

Mr Lim, who runs a handphone shop along Geylang Lor 16, said a man in a red shirt just walked into his shop, arrogantly grabbed a bunch of USB cables and walked out.

Lim was stunned by the brazen theft, and he chased the man while yelling, “Thief, stop him!”

Geylang folk seem to be a pretty helpful lot.

People who heard Lim’s cries stopped and grabbed the thief, and dragged him back to Lim’s handphone shop.

They managed to pin him down and Lim called the police.

Upon hearing the word “police”, the man jumped up and struggled to get away, but was restrained by the good Samaritans who had stopped to lend a hand.

Lim said he realised later why the man was so frightened – when police officers arrived, they searched the man and found drugs in his bag.

All this transpired because the man grabbed a bunch of 7 USB cables worth a total of S$35.

Police have arrested the man are investigating the case.



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