House Fire Reveals that “Parrot Man” isn’t Homeless as Claimed but Has Properties and 2 Cars


A fire broke out at a Geylang Bahru HDB flat last night at around 8.15pm.

What’s more shocking is the revelation that the flat was actually 2 flats merged into one, and both of them were owned by “homeless” Zeng Guoyan.

If “Zeng Guoyan” sounds vaguely familiar, perhaps “parrot man” might ring a bell.

Yes, that’s the same Zeng Guoyan aka Parrot Man aka perennial General Election and Presidential Election contestant wannabe.

Zeng had said in previous interviews that he had “sold his home to pay his debts” and has been made homeless as a result.

But… it turns out he owned not just one, but two HDB flat units at Block 68 Geylang Bahru.

A neighbour had revealed that it was Zeng’s Jumbo Flat (2 flat units merged into 1) that caught fire last night.

The neighbour also revealed that Zeng owned two cars.

When questioned, Zeng confirmed that the Jumbo Flat belong to him.

He said that he bought the flat units 15 years ago and had been staying there with his wife until last night’s fire.

So why did he say he was “homeless”?


Zeng, who has now turned to begging to make a living, said:

“I’ve intestine disease. Wherever I go, I carry a bag to a ‘faeces bag’. I didn’t want to dirty the bed and disgust my wife so I chose to go out and spend nights on my 3-wheeler.”

Zeng has denied the report that he has 2 cars.

A little bit more about Zeng aka Parrot Man – he’s the guy that ran in Mountbatten SMC during GE2006 but lost.

Thereafter, he has made appearances (but never submitted his forms) at GE2011, Hougang By-Election in 2012 and Punggol-East By-Election in 2013.

And yes, his most recent public appearance was when he put himself forward as a candidate for PE21017.



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