At Least 50 Men a Day: Sexily-Dressed Ladies Suspected of using Jurong Flat as a Brothel

A Jurong West St 65 HDB flat unit has been fingered as a vice hub.

Residents say that 3 women living in one of the flat units are using it as a brothel.

They say that strange men have been entering and leaving the unit everyday.

The 3 women living in the flat are said to be often seen dressed in sexy clothes, and are believed to be in their 30s.

One resident said that at least 50 men can be seen entering and leaving the flat every day.

A check showed that in just one hour, 6 men entered and left the flat.

The men wouldn’t knock on the door of the flat, but whip out their handphones and send a text message to someone, then the door would be opened.

Then, they appear to be sneaking away when they leave the flat to go to the lift.

Residents in the vicinity say the sexily-dressed occupants bring shame to the neighbourhood by opening a makeshift brothel there and hope authorities can take action to shut them down.


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