Atas Car Drivers Behaving Badly: Mercedes and BMW Anyhow Whack, Cause Accidents

Accidents sprung this month after a Mercedes driver and BMW driver anyhow whack while driving.

In this incident, a BMW driver driving in a left turn lane, only to suddenly have a change of mind and drive straight instead of turning left.

As a result, the Mazda that was turning left in the second lane jammed on the brakes, and was rammed in the rear by the car behind it.

Wah lau eh!

But this Mercedes driver really takes the cake!

Somehow believing that his Merc was less car and more “battering ram”, the driver drove straight along the right-most lane of the road despite a motorcyclist slowly coming to a stop just ahead.

The impact threw the motorcyclist off his bike and almost caused him to be crushed by a lorry.

Road-users, you have been warned – atas or not atas, Singapore roads are a minefield for sotongs!



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