Aunty Falls and Breaks Her Wrist when Bus Braked Suddenly; Daughter says SBS Refused to Give Explanation

Mdm Wei was on board bus service 39 last Wednesday (10 May) when she fell and broke her right wrist.

The 60-year-old had been carrying her trolley and was about to go marketing.

The incident took place at Tampines St 21 at about 10.20am.

Her daughter, Ms Tan, said that her mother fell because the bus driver braked hard when approaching a traffic junction.

“At that time my mother was carrying a trolley. When the bus was nearing red light it suddenly braked hard and my mother fell.”

Ms Tan said that seeing her mother fall, two ladies helped her up and onto a seat.

At the time, she complained that her right wrist was hurting badly.

The bus driver, seeing her mother in that state, called for an ambulance.

Paramedics who arrived on scene performed a check on Mdm Wei and told her that her hand was fine.

But when returned home from marketing, pain in her wrist had grown worse and she couldn’t sleep that night.

Said Ms Tan:

“The next morning she went to the polyclinic and had to take 7 x-rays. It was then discovered that she suffered fractures in her right wrist and the back of the hand. She was then sent to hospital and warded.”

Mdm Wei went under the knife yesterday to fix metal plates in her hand.

Ms Tan says SBS Transit, which operates bus service 39, has refused to give her an explanation regarding how the accident occurred.

“I contacted the bus company to get a report on the incident or at least view the CCTV footage. I can understand if they don’t let me view the CCTV video, but they didn’t even give me a report so I made a police report.”

Ms Tan says she doesn’t expect any compensation from the bus company, but she wants an explanation on why the bus driver slammed on the brakes as he did, causing the accident.


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