Bangla Worker Jailed for Grabbing Woman’s Breast and Kissing Her Gives Best Excuse Ever: “I Tripped and Fell”

Few are blessed with the ability to grab a woman’s breast and kiss her neck as they “trip and fall”, not least any of us here.

But it seems that Bangladeshi construction worker Khalek Abdul believed he was bestowed with such powers.

The 36-year-old was performing upgrading work at a HDB flat in Yishun in July last year when he molested a 20-year-old student who was living there.

Khalek was supposed to install grab bars in the toilet of the victim’s flat as part of the upgrading project (grabbing her boob was not part of the project).

The victim said that after he had installed the bars, Khalek asked her to help unplug the drill from the socket in the master bedroom.

While she did so, she claimed he stood behind her and rubbed himself against her.

She claimed that after she pushed him away, Khalek held out his hand and they shook hands and hugged, but she pushed him away again as the hug had gone on for “a bit too long”.

The victim said after Khalek left the room, he gestured towards the study room which had a mattress, and asked her “You want?”

The victim then ushered him to the main door, where she said Khalek held out his arms for another hug.

She said she hugged him, thinking it would make him leave.

However, the victim claimed that as she moved backwards following the hug, he kissed the side of her neck and grabbed her breast.

No one was at home at the time except the victim, and she called police to report the incident after he left.

Khalek was arrested the same day.

In his defence, he said that he had tripped on the wire of his electric drill and fell on the victim, and didn’t know which parts of her body he had touched.

Khalek has been jailed for 7 months, after losing his court appeal.



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