Bangladeshi Overstayer Behind Botched Boon Lay Robbery

Police have revealed that the suspect behind the robbery-gone-wrong at Boon Lay last Saturday (28 Jul) is a 29-year-old Bangladeshi overstayer who has been in Singapore illegally since December 2017.

Formerly a construction worker, the Bangladeshi man entered the ValueMax pawn shop next to Boon Lay MRT station at about 4.30pm wearing a bright pink turban, and demanded that staff hand over money and valuables from the store.

He flashed what looked to be an imitation gun and when the staff refused, he threw a belt on the counter which was believed to be an explosive device, and fled the shop.

Checks on the belt showed that it was simply a device with some electrical wire and not an explosive.

The Bangladeshi man then allegedly fled to a nearby HDB flat in Jurong West, stuffed his clothes and turban inside his backpack, and hid the bag behind potted plants outside a flat unit.

A resident of the unit discovered the bag hours later and called the police, and officers tracked down the crook after further investigations and arrested him.

At a press conference today, deputy commissioner of police (investigation and intelligence) Florence Chua said that his actions “displayed a blatant disregard of the law in Singapore”.

The Bangladeshi man will be charged in court tomorrow for attempted armed robbery and exhibiting an imitation firearm.



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