Bangladeshi Worker Sends Sex Video to Family of Singaporean Woman He Had a Fling With

A fling in the past turned into something much nastier for a 38-year-old married Singaporean woman.

She had a sexual relationship with a Bangladeshi national from 2007 to 2013, and broke up in 2014 when he returned to Bangladesh.

What she didn’t know was the Bangladeshi man had filmed them having sex on several occasions.

The 42-year-old returned to Singapore to work last year and that’s when he tried to resume their relationship.

As a bargaining chip to persuade the reluctant woman, he revealed that he had sex tapes of them.

To appease him and persuade him to delete the sex videos, she had sex with him multiple times.

What she didn’t expect was he had multiple copies of the videos.

Thinking she was in the clear, the woman began to ignore the advances of the Bangladeshi worker and his threats.

But on 6 April this year, the bomb dropped – he sent her husband and daughter via mobile phone a clip of them having sex.

The Bangladeshi worker pled guilty on Monday (23 May) to threatening the woman between the period of 27 March and 4 April this year.

He has been jailed for 5 months.

The identities of those involved in this incident cannot be revealed due to a court gag order.




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