Bankrupted, Jailed, and Brandished as a Lunatic, but He’s Back

“I have never lost faith in Singaporeans. And even in the bleakest of moments, I’ve always believed that we will triumph, that democracy will eventually come and that justice will ultimately prevail.”

He’s back.

Bankrupted and brandished as a lunatic for some 15 years, while serving jail time in between, Dr Chee Soon Juan is finally back in the running.

While not as confrontational as the Dr Chee of old, the forcefulness and persuasiveness – it’s all still there.

Judging from the rapturous response he received at last night’s rally, the “Thinker” of Singapore politics must once again be Gahmen Enemy Number 1.

“Every time they cannot win a debate, they say Chee Soon Juan is a liar, a gangster and a psychopath.”

The mudslinging has already begun.

From ministers Lawrence Wong and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, to Chan Chun Sing barely months before them, you have to wonder why the PAP is so afraid of Dr Chee.

And, is the government baiting him, waiting for him to implode, to distract voters from the key issues at hand?

These key issues, according to Dr Chee, can be distilled to simple question for Singaporeans – are you better off today?

Last night, in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay and English, he spoke about the happiness of Singaporeans, with regards to the government’s immigration policy.

Dr Chee said that the financial and economic stress is the result of the PAP’s policy of inviting the super rich to come to Singapore, while opening the flood gates to cheap foreign labour.

That two-pronged approach is what’s squeezing Singaporeans – the rich drive up cost of living, while cheap labour depresses wages.

University graduates, especially, would understand this point by Dr Chee – shuffled into low-paying jobs due to intense competition from foreign- labour, they’re not employed in fields which they have been trained for.

Citing study results which show that Singaporeans are the least happy and most stressed out workers in the world, he said a 6.9 million population will make such competition all the more intense.

“Not having an opposition to keep the government in check is like driving a car without a steering wheel.”

The question Dr Chee, is: how many Singaporeans are already driving on auto-pilot?

Dr Chee is is leading the four-man SDP team for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC against the PAP team led by Environment and Water Resources Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.



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