Bedok Residents Shocked by Early Morning “Murder Scene” caused by Lovers’ Quarrel

Residents of Block 69 Bedok North Avenue 3 got a shock this morning to see a pool of blood at the void deck on Sunday morning (13 Aug).

Blood was scene flowing from a vehicle drop-off point near the block to the void deck, then in the lift and all the way to a flat unit.

4 police cars were seen on scene, leading many who chanced upon the blood trail to believe a murder had taken place.

What reportedly happened was a 30-year-old Chinese man had gotten into a quarrel with his girlfriend at a bar in Middle Road.

She smashed a beer bottle on him, and when the bottle shattered a glass shard cut the pinky finger on his right hand.

The cut was apparently pretty deep because blood wouldn’t stop flowing for a whole 12km taxi ride – the man had left the bar and took a cab to a female friend’s home in Bedok, where morning kaypohs awed at the huge puddle of red.

Fortunately for the man, a neighbour of his female friend heard the commotion.

She was a nurse, and she helped bandage his wound and called the ambulance.

At the time, it was around 5.05am.

The man was later sent to Changi General Hospital for treatment.


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