Benjamin Lim Inquiry: Lim Admitted to Police He Dropped Phone to Molest 11-Year-Old Girl


The Coroner’s Inquiry into the death of 14-year-old teenager Benjamin Lim has begun.

Lim committed suicide on 26 Jan this year, after police arrested him on allegations that he had molested a 11-yearold girl in a lift.

The court heard today details of the police report made by the girl.

She alleged that on 25 Jan, the culprit had followed her into a lift and dropped his mobile phone.

She said he bent down to pick up the phone and that’s when she felt a “soft tap” on her left buttok.

When she look down, she saw the culprit moving his hand away from her.

Police viewed the CCTV footage and determined that the culprit was wearing North View Secondary School PE attire.

The next day (26 Jan), 5 police officers visited the school dressed in civilian attire and using unmarked cars.

The school’s staff identified Lim as the culprit because he was the only student in the school known to wear red-framed spectacles.

Following that, the school’s discipline mistress, a former teacher of Lim, approached him in the canteen and asked him to see the school’s principal.

The principal then spoke to Lim, and a police officer then interviewed Lim.

Lim explained why he may have accidentally touched the girl while he picking up his phone.

Lim then called his mother to inform her about what was going on.

His mother spoke to him very loudly and he appeared stressed.

Police officers then brought Lim, un-handcuffed, to Ang Mo Kio Police Division for further investigation.

At the station, a senior investigation officer interviewed Lim at an open plan workstation.

He admitted that he had followed the victim into a lift, where he had deliberately dropped his mobile phone and taken the opportunity to touch her thigh while standing up.

Lim is placed under arrest and brought to a temporary holding area while bail was being processed.

At 2.50pm, he is released into his mother’s custody.

On the way home, she questioned Lim and he said he didn’t molest the victim and that he didn’t know what had happened.

Mrs Lim tells him that he should not have admitted to molesting the girl if he had not done so.

Lim supposedly told her that if people said that he did it, then he did it.

They reached home at about 3.30pm and Lim took a shower and had a meal.

He was playing games at the dining table while his sister was in the living room and Mrs Lim was performing chorees.

Mrs Lim received a phone call from the school councellor at at aout 4.13pm.

Mrs Lim says the counsellor told her that the school had decided not to let Benjamin attend a school camp, preferring him to stay home to do e-learning instead.

However, the school councellor says that the school suggested that it would be good for Benjamin to not attend a school camp and be with his family instead. An email sent by the counsellor to Mr Chen, the school’s principal, tallies with this account.

Mrs Lim says after the call she told Lim that the school didn’t allow him to attend the camp and he acknowledged this and continued to play games.

Mrs Lim says she then went to wash the common toilet.

After around 5 minutes, she saw the Lim’s bedroom door was closed.

She tried to open the door but it was locked.

She and her daughter knocked on the door repeatedly but received no response.

Mrs Lim then used a spare key to open the door.

She saw that a window open and that a desk fan normally found on a table in front of the window had been moved to the floor. Benjamin’s phone is on his bed but he is nowhere to be seen.

She suspected that Lim had jumped out of the window.

Mrs Lim rushed to the foot of the foot of the HDB flat with her daughter and they found Lim lying on the ground.

Lim was pronounced dead at 4.36pm.




  1. Atan

    May 17, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    Gosh one small thing can cause a life of a young boy with a.promising future

    We can only imagine the parent’s grief

  2. lindsay

    May 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Why people commit suicide? Because death is the only solution to avoid the reality. All his reputation is ruined. If I were him, I will choose to commit suicide.

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