Benjamin Lim Inquiry: This is what the Lift and Police CCTVs Captured


Speculation has been rife about whether or not Benjamin Lim had really touched the girl, and how.

The 14-year-old teenager committed suicide after he was arrested by police over the alleged molest in January.

At yesterday’s coroner’s inquiry in the case, the details of the CCTV footage from the lift and police cameras were presented.

The CCTV footage of the incident will not be released to the public, though it has been shown to the family of Lim, their legal representatives, and representatives from other government ministries.

Testifying in court, Assistant Superintendent Mohamed Razif said the CCTV footage showed:

Girl entered the lift.
Benjamin Lim entered the lift.

Girl pressed 14th storey lift button
Benjamin Lim pressed 13th storey lift button

Girl stood at rear right corner of lift.
Benjamin Lim stood at rear left corner of lift.

Benjamin Lim dropped his phone on the floor next to the girl.
Benjamin Lim bent down and picked up the phone using his right hand.

Benjamin Lim transferred the phone from his right hand to his left hand.
Benjamin Lim used his right hand to touch the girl*

Benjamin Lim turned and looked at the girl.
Benjamin Lim moves away from girl while looking at her.

Benjamin Lim walks to the lift door.
Benjamin walks out of the lift when the lift door opens.

Girl steps outside of the lift and looks around.
The lift moves off.

The lift returns to that storey.
The girl enters the lift and goes to the 14th storey and goes home.

Benjamin Lim gets into the lift at the 12th storey and exits on the 1st storey.

* The bit on “touching” has been disputed by Lim’s family. The family, via their lawyer Mr Remy Choo Zheng Zi, said: From what I observed, I saw his hand brush at the area of the girl’s skirt. But it appeared to me that there was no bodily contact.” *

However, the assessment of police investigators was that Lim had deliberately dropped the phone, intending to touch the girl, and that he had touched her left buttock.

Lim was found to have followed the girl into the lift of a block of flats in which he wasn’t staying, and accused of touching her in appropriately.

He had admitted to senior investigation officer Mohammad Fareed Rahmat during questioning at Ang Mo Kio police station that he found the girl “cute-looking” and that he had touched the girl’s thigh.

In her police report, the girl had complained that she felt a “soft tap” on her buttocks.

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