Beware: Foreigners Fly to Singapore just to Break into Houses and Steal Valuables

It’s not just local burglars you’ve to be wary of nowadays.

It seems that foreigners are now travelling to Singapore for the sole purpose of committing crimes like housebreaking.

Earlier today, 4 Colombian nationals were jailed for 12 months are pleading guilty to breaking into the house of a Braddell Heights Estate resident.

Luckily they were arrested before they fled to Malaysia.

The men rented a Mercedes Ben for 6 days and cruised around housing estates in search of their targets.

They then drew up plans for the units they had chosen and bought the necessary tools to break in.

On 6 May this year at about 7pm, the Colombian Crooks drove their rented Mercedes Benz to Muswell Hill at Braddell Heights.

Three of them climbed over the wall of a house and forced open the main door.

But they were damn suay.

They ransacked the house but could not find any valuable items, and they fled upon noticing that there were CCTV cameras in the house.

The home owner, a Mr Janssen, returned at about 10pm and found that his house had been ransacked.

He made a police report and the Colombian Crooks were arrested at Tampines Central the next day.

They were about to leave by bus to Kuala Lumpur.

In seeking a 12 month jail term for each of the Colombian Crooks, the prosecutor highlighted that they were foreigners who had come to Singapore simply to commit crime.



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