Beware: Woman Buys “999 Gold” Couple Rings for S$99 Online, Discovers They are just “Gold-Plated”

37-year-old Ms Zhan thought she struck gold when she found a super discount for a pair of “999 Gold” couple rings online.

At just S$99, she thought they were really a steal and bought them.

Then, after receiving the rings, she realised that they were not pure gold, but “gold-plated”.

Ms Zhan said that the website appeared professional, and offered cash on delivery payment, and that’s what convinced her that it was okay to buy the rings.

So much so that when the rings were delivered, she just paid without checking them.

When she did open the package to check, Ms Zhan got a shock to find that the rings were both for men and not couple rings.

And… they were “925 gold-plated” rings instead of “999 Gold” rings!

Ms Zhan said that the seller told her she could return the rings, but later went silent when she demanded her money be refunded.

She said that she didn’t lodge a police report as the amount paid was only S$99.

Buyers, beware!


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