Bicycle Aunty Blames Teen Boy for Her Fall, Brutally Beats Him then Threatens to Cry Molest

Something you’d have expected to take place in Yishun took place instead at Upper Boon Keng Road.

A Bicycle Aunty was riding along the walkway near Block 11 at about 3pm when she saw a teen boy in front of her and sounded her bell telling him to siam jit pi.

But according to an eyewitness, the teen had headphones on and didn’t hear the bell.

That eyewitness, Mr Wong, said the cyclist then tried to overtake the boy but fell off her bicycle.

She blamed the teen for not giving way to her and turned aggressive.

“She was very fierce and used vulgar language to scold the boy and even hit him with her umbrella. He used his arms to block the umbrella blows until his bled.”

Mr Wong said several people who witnessed the beating tried to snatch Bicycle Aunty’s umbrella.

But, she yelled that she would cry “molest” to the police if anyone took her brolly from her.

A durian seller who saw the whole fracas said that as soon as she yelled the word “molest” no one dared to move close to her.

Police officers who later arrived on scene arrested the 46-year-old Bicycle Aunty on the charge of voluntarily causing hurt.

As for the poor teen, he was bleeding from scratches on his right arm but refused to be sent to hospital.

It turns out he lives in Hougang and was only in the Boon Keng area to visit his grandmother

And that is what you call “gan suay” lah.



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